Learn the Language of Your Stars

An astrological journey to align with your cosmic signature and soulful purpose. This course makes it easy for you to learn the fundamentals of astrology as they relate to your personal birth chart. 

imagine what it would be like to

imagine what it would be like to
  • Know how to read and interpret your birth chart
  • Deeply connect with yourself and your unique gifts
  • Tap into your soul's purpose and intuition 
  • Develop your own personal astrology practice  
  • Fall in love with your life

Teaching astrology is not something I do, it is part of who I am. It's written in my cosmic signature and is my evolutionary path. It is also one of the greatest sources of healing in my life. It all started with going deeper into my own birth chart after many years of struggling with anxiety and depression from a traumatic childhood experience. My journey with Astrology has awakened my greatest gift and life purpose. It is like coming home to a language that speaks to my soul and expands my perspective.

Astrology is the union of your mind, body and soul and all its experiences over many lifetimes. At the time of your birth, a unique cosmic signature is created that details your evolutionary intentions in this lifetime based on your personal astrology. The placement of your planets in each sign and house of your birth chart is carefully constructed based on WHAT YOUR SOUL IS CALLING FOR. It is the path back to your truth.

That is the aim of this course, to bring awareness to your cosmic signature and soulful purpose, so that you may develop a deeper understanding of the stars. 

WHAT YOU GET with this course

WHAT YOU GET with this course


  • A 6-month astrological journey with like-minded souls that is purposefully aligned with the cycle of the Moon
  • An in-depth online curriculum that is easy to understand and apply 
  • A personal astrology workbook that provides guided exercises to deepen the understanding of your birth chart and how it plays out in your daily life 
  • (6) Monthly group Zoom sessions with sample charts and collaborative discussion to put the online lessons into practice build strong connections (always recorded and available for review) 
  • The foundation to have your own personal astrology practice

Astrology made easy


Watch the online video lessons


Complete your workbook exercises


Attend the live Zoom sessions

Course outline

  • Course begins June 3rd with the New Moon in Gemini 
  • Month 1- The Fundamentals of Astrology: Planets, signs, & houses
  • Month 2- Sun, Moon, and Rising: Your soul's individuality  
  • Month 3-Mercury, Mars & Venus: How to communicate your passion and align with your values
  • Month 4- Jupiter & Saturn: Growth through your karmic lessons 
  • Month 5- Chiron, Uranus, & Neptune: Your intuitive awakening 
  • Month 6- Pluto & The Lunar Nodes: Clearing your personal karma and finding your true north 
  • Course ends December 11th with a Full Moon in Gemini graduation ceremony via Zoom


Early registration offer of only $1000 $1200  (before May 15th)

Or spread your payments out monthly with the $200/month flex plan










Working with Ashley was such a wonderful experience!  I had no idea what to expect but it was like talking with a friend.  I gained so much insight into why I am the way I am.  Ashley even gave me clarity on why I want the things I want and helped me see the path I am on is the right one and is aligned with my soul.  Everything she said resonated with me on a deep level and it was crazy that we had never met before.  One of my favorite things was learning about north and south nodes and how to use them in moving forward.  She even gave me suggested dates for launches this year in my new business and website.  I can't wait to listen to the recordings again!

- Crystal V., @theblissfulboheme

I absolutely loved working with Ashley. Our conversation was so in depth and she was able to break down many things about astrology that I didn’t previously understand. She’s helped me uncover layers to myself I never knew were there and use astrology as a way to work with the energies present. I’m so grateful to have met her and would highly recommend working with her.

- Mary Beth LaRue, @marybethlarue

I was blown away by Ashley's insight and guidance. I received clarity to what I've experienced and have struggled with in my life. I felt empowered to stick to my path and follow what I've always felt to be a true calling.

- Jessica H. @jessica.heaney

Aaaaamazing! My friend in Denver recommended Ashley to me after we had a conversation about astrology. I hadn’t told anyone I was looking to learn astrology (not just get it read) and Ashley reads as well as teaches. Instantly I felt comfortable and she teaches in a way that is so easy to grasp. She is completely open to meet my needs both of what I want to learn (and how) as well as answering all the questions I have about my own chart and others. I was also impressed with how much prep work she does before our meetings. Ashley goes above and beyond. I highly recommend!

- Carina C.


Who is my instructor?

Ashley Tracey will be the instructor for this course.

You can find out more about Ashley here. 

How is the course structured and will it work with my busy schedule?

All course content is run online through this platform (Kajabi) and you will be provided a log-in upon purchase allowing you to access the material as you go along.

The material is broken up into monthly modules that we will be covering as a group in our live Zoom call and that correlates with your workbook exercises. All Zoom sessions will be recorded so you may view at any time after the live call. Don’t worry about missing a session, we’ve got you covered!

In addition, you will have access to the online material for an additional 6-months after the course ends.

Do I need to have prior knowledge of Astrology to take this course?

This course is suitable for any level student. NO PRIOR ASTROLOGY KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. We will be covering the fundamentals as they relate to your chart. That is the best way to learn :)

You will walk away from this course with a very detailed understanding of how to interpret your birth chart and apply the basics of astrology. Courses to further advance your knowledge of astrology will be available after the course is completed. Think, future astrologer!

If you have specific questions, please email Ashley (your instructor) at ashley@ashleytracey.com


The purpose of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of astrology using your own birth chart as a reference guide. That is the first step in learning astrology and how I started myself.

This course will set you up with a strong foundation to begin a relationship or establish a deeper relationship to your own birth chart, to continue studying and practicing astrology, and for future advanced workshops with me.


What is the refund/cancelation policy?

There are no refunds for this course, regardless of the payment type you choose. If life happens and you are unable to complete this course, you may be able to transfer your spot to a future Learn the Language of Your Stars course.